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Welcome to The Yodsukars Portraits. This is our home away from home, but really, working with our clients is our home. Our work is our way to spread love and joy, to guide men, women, couples and families to celebrate the people that are most important to them, and to change the world one portrait at a time. We believe in community and loyalty, and that the relationships in our lives are the purpose of life. When you choose us to create heirlooms for your home, you are working with nationally-trusted professionals, photography industry speakers ad educators, and most of all, people just like you. Welcome to our home, and thank you for being here. 


Janice + Adam

Christine has truly captured what taking photos are all about. It's not about the faces but the emotion & experience. The process that she takes to "know" her clients, their love, passions and things that are near & dear to them...is truly how pictures are captured. I love what she helped me see in my family through her pictures of us and to be reminded of the things that are truly important instead of getting caught up in the sometimes nitty gritty aspects of family life. 

Being a parent is one of the greatest and hardest things a person can do...but I love how Christine helped me to be reminded that the relationships/emotions that I instill in my kids is what will last a lifetime. 

Diana + sal + mateo

Your talent goes far beyond your ability to snap a fantastic photo. It's in your ability to connect with us, your desire to find out what love is and means to us, and then effortlessly creating a space where that love flows out naturally. 

This is the perfect image to remind us every night and every morning what is most important and most valuable. We really had no idea we were missing this piece until we got it. Thank you, a million times.


Christine deserves more than 5 stars. Prior to the photo shoot, she took time and effort to learn about myself and my fiancé. It really showed through the photography and guidance that she had.

She was super patient and has magic of turning an ordinary location in to a majestic background. These two are truly amazing and awesome. Highly recommended and have recommended her to my other family members and friends.