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My friend,

At a photography conference where I was speaking one year, a man who had been in all of my classes came up to me at the end of the third one. It was almost as if he couldn’t even walk all the way up to me before the tears started rolling down his cheeks and he began sharing with me his story. He told me:

Life has been such a struggle. And I’m so tired. I don’t want to struggle anymore. My wife is so good to me. She always supports me, and she is always there for me, but I am tired of this being so hard. Yesterday and today, you gave me hope. You made me see that I can do this and that I have a special gift to give to my clients. I have so much hope now. And I know what to do to now. Thank you for sharing your gift.

After wiping the tears back from my own face, I gave him a hug. I know exactly the pain he is feeling, because I have felt it too.

The pain of trying SO. FREAKING. HARD. and not getting the result you wanted.

The pain of wanting so badly to make a difference in the world, but feeling empty.

The pain of feeling like a failure.

Sometimes it’s too much to take.

I know these feelings so. so. well, and many (can I say, most?) photographers know this feeling too.

I struggled with the contrast of wanting to make lots of money and my heart knowing I wasn’t doing right by it. I built a luxury wedding photography business with my husband, and neither of us were happy. Time and time again, despite the checks coming in, we felt stressed out and empty.

It took me having my son to totally throw me off my feet and force me to pick myself back up again, totally brand new. I imagined a life where I felt my heart connect to other peoples hearts AND I was paid for that connection. I pictured my days being spent growing a business and growing my family. I wanted to spend time with friends… to have friends! I wanted to be happy.

I’m writing this to you barely three years later, with my business growing faster than ever, just having hired my dream coach, working on two new business developments, all while growing my family, spending time with friends, and being paid for connecting my heart to other peoples hearts.

I always say, I could have any job and do what I do. I could be the mailman and do what I do. I could be a lawyer and do what I do. Photography is just my vehicle to do it.

Sales are sales. Connection is connection. I will bridge that gap for you so that you can not only create a new revenue stream for you in your photography business, but I will teach you to do it in a way that is not manipulative, slimey, or grimey.

The Wedding Album IPS Cohort is part Private Coaching with Christine, part peer advisory group, part sales training, part inner work on yourself.

Guys. Omg. My Skype call was two hours, just ended. They loved the process, added more spreads. I ended up with 37 spreads and $2500. Omg.
— Danette Pascarella

Members of the Cohort will


$ Make their first or biggest Wedding Album IPS sale yet

$ Learn proven strategies for successful wedding album sales

$ Learn exactly what to say before, during, and after the sale

$ Identify and conquer the most common mistakes photographers make when trying to sell wedding albums

$ Learn how to price your wedding albums for maximum sale

$ Learn how to design albums that sell

$ Learn how to handle the most common objections photographers get from clients when trying to make a sale and have an in person session

$ How to sell with the same sales average virtually

Ok. NEED TO SHARE THIS! I attended the [group] YESTERDAY. Had a client coming in today to pick up their USB drive from their December wedding...

When they came in I said I had a surprise and they were going to be the first to experience the new way we’re doing things moving forward. No pressure to buy anything but I wanted their feedback on the new process.

They were floored and walked out after writing a $2500 check for the album as is!!! OMG. THIS ROCKS!!!!
— Matt Guindon


I’m Christine

More than anything, I get you. I’ve been where you are and I didn’t give up. I learned, I practiced, I learned and practiced some more.

My zone of genius is seeing the magic in you that is unique to only you, and helping you apply that to effective and slime-free sales.

There is a life where you make the money you want to make AND give your clients the greatest gift they could ever imagine. It’s real.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you grow into the next version of yourself. The one who believes in themselves and shows up everyday ready to work.

How The Cohort Works

The Private Coaching and Peer Advisory group goes through training at a deep level, making sure you have time to digest and implement everything we go over each week. Twice, you have a private coaching call with Christine to work through your obstacles and plan ahead. Each week, a new topic will be taught and you will lean on your peers to share your experiences, aha moments, and obstacles.

This coaching group is for wedding photographers who have either never made a wedding album IPS sale, or for those who know they can be doing better. This is for the photographer that knows they have a greater purpose in life and truly wants to make their clients lives better.

This program is NOT for wedding photographers that want a quick fix, overnight success, or want someone else to do the work for them. This is NOT for the photographer that is only looking to make a quick buck and doesn’t care about their clients. Change takes time, and changing our mindset takes the most deep work.

This group is a 6 Week commitment. Are you ready to make it happen?

If you are the photographer that is ready to serve your clients in the most valuable way possible AND you are ready to change your own life as well, fill out the application now and tell yourself that you ARE worth the investment of time, money, and energy and that you believe in yourself.

Are you Ready?!

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