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Shutterfest18 ROCKED

Because you came, you saw, and your mother f'n conquered!!


I loved getting to know you all at Shutterfest 18.

Your feedback immediately after class when you all came up to talk to me, and then your messages afterwards let me know that I am doing what I have set out to do... give you all the tools you need to go out there and F Sh*t up! You CAN do this, and you DO DESERVE to make a living doing what you love.

I hope to continue to give you more tools to grow and kick ass in business and life, all while building the life you want and dream of. 

For those of you that asked me about One-on-One Consulting (and for anyone else interested in growing their business with a Coach), I currently have 2 openings to start April 15th. You can schedule a 30 min consultation with me here to see if it's a good fit. I'll answer any questions you have and I'll have questions for you as well https://calendly.com/christineyodsukar/phone-call-video-chat/

XOXO, Christine

PS. If you would like to share what you learned at SF with your friends and colleagues, send them to this link here www.theyodsukars.com/designartthatsells and I will invite them to download my Slide Deck from Shutterfest18. THANK YOU for believing in me. My greatest achievement is when one of my students or Consulting clients calls me or sends me a message about their biggest sale yet, and all they had to do was follow the steps I outlined for them and believe in themselves the way I believe in them.

What Your Friends Are Saying

So when this bride was about to pick up her USB Drive from me, I told her about a surprise that I wanted to show her. It turned into an $800 sale that I would not have if I didn’t take this Course. I would not have even dared to ask if I wasn’t inspired by Christine and given the tools and plan she laid out.
— Adrian Ong
We’ve had success with our older clients so far, and can not wait for the clients we have booked since the workshop. We’ve already had a couple of albums sold for over $2000 and I know we will continue to improve after applying what we’ve learned from Christine Yodsukar!
— Nicole Stallone
A couple booked me two months before their wedding because the photographer they hired cancelled on them. Today they spent $4300 on a double volume album. Their package only included coverage and digitals.
— Sarah Reddinger