Connect Small Business Owners who need Digital Media (Video + Photo) to grow and promote their business, drive sales, and increase revenue with Rich and Christine Yodsukar.

How It Works:

  1. Find out their WHY - why they do what they do, what drives them, what are they passionate about
  2. Find out the holes in their marketing plan. What type of video do they need?
  3. Let them know how we can help with Promotional Videos (Anthem Videos, Brand Story Videos, FAQ Videos), Social Engagement Videos, Online Education Series for sale, Commercials for Social and Television, Internal Education and Updates, Long Term Digital Media Campaigns.
  4. Schedule a Call with them, yourself, Rich, and Christine using Google Calendar. 
  5. Send an email Brief to Rich and Christine. 
  6. Book in a new client, change their business, change our lives!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Payment:

Starts $3500/day and includes primary edit and shorter edit for social media - Includes a DP and camera operator, sound recording,  production assistant, The Yodsukar’s studio access, and 2 rounds of edits. Client is given the option of paying in full at the time of booking, or paying a 50% retainer to secure the services with the remaining balance due 7 days before the first production day. Larger companies may require a NET 30 which can be accommodated upon request.

Additional Services:

Drone, location fees, actors, voiceover actors, animation, special effects. We’ll be able to know this after we all talk about the specifics of the project.

Turn Around Time:

Depending on the project itself, post production (editing of video) usually takes 2 weeks for the first rough cut to be submitted to client. 


Client will receive downloadable files of digital media optimized for website, facebook and instagram when applicable. 

Basics of Contract:

At least 50% retainer due to begin pre-production.

Expenses will be paid by client pending receipts and invoice submitted by The Yodsukars.



(there's so much more)

Global Image USA Video Box Announcement Video: Letting their carefully targeted market know that the brand new folio box with touch screen video is coming soon and available for pre-order now!

Fundy Software Public Service Announcement: Using their tagline "Print Your Photos" that has caught on like wild fire in the photography industry to reach the consumer and remind them that print is king.

Lemon Kissed Jewelry Tutorial Course Promo: Promoting her brand new tutorial videos for purchase where you can learn how simple and fun it is to make your own jewelry at home with just a few basic tools!

Resort Hotel Sizzle Reel: Showing off the luxuries of their establishment, this Resort wanted video that made the viewer FEEL sexy and relaxed. 


We help owners of small businesses get more business so they can do more of what makes them happy with the people that make them happy.


A happy client is our end goal.

We always give it our best shot.

We help one another.

We value our time and the time of our clients.

Behind every business is a real human being. Treat them like one.

The work we do for our clients is invaluable.

All the business we want is out there, we just need to reach out our hands and grab it.

Ask Questions. Listen. Guide.

Thank you for all you do, Rose! You are amazing!!