I wasn’t always happy. In fact, I was the exact opposite.

  • I grew up with a lot of anxiety and fear, and by the time I got to College I was diagnosed with Severe Panic Disorder.

  • Doctor said it could only be helped with Medicine.

  • I said NO.

  • I didn’t know it then but that was a huge turning point in my life.

  • For the first time, I took responsibility for how I was feeling.

  • For the first time, I wasn’t putting the responsibility on someone else or something else

  • And that was a very powerful moment.

  • That was when my transformation began.

How did I go from barely surviving and living with a Severe Panic Disorder… to then being the person in the position I am in today?

A woman of Power. A woman of Success. A woman who is open and confident enough to live in my power and success (and SAY it)!

And living a life that makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY?



This is where it all began and this is where it begins for you too.

Join me, four 4 weeks in a Live Virtual Retreat with me, Christine Yodsukar, as we give you your brand new life TOGETHER.

What's the deal?

  • Every Monday I give a LIVE Class on one step in the Make Happiness Happen process
    • These videos will stay available for the length of the course, so you have access, even after I am LIVE (hello, mom life, right?!)
  • Every Tuesday you are given supplemental texts and worksheets, and homework... yes, homework! 
  • Everyone who finishes their homework by Friday will have access to a group call on Saturday for a Q&A with me.

What else?

You have everyone else in the group to ask questions, share experiences, talk about the work that week, and work through your shit with. This is a RETREAT!! We kumbaya and all that good stuff. 

But really, we can't do anything alone, and thinking we can is going to get us even more stuck faster than a runaway semi going downhill. No thanks. The more the merrier when I have crap to work through, and this group is OUR group. 


How do I join?

It's simple. Sign up here and let me help you start your brand new life (before the 4th of July!! Those fireworks are gonna be just for you baby... I already called them in.)


Christine Yodsukar

Half Badass | Half Unicorn