It all started when...

I was newly pregnant, severely ill and unable to work much at all. By the start of 2016, my son was one month old and my luxury wedding photography business had been completely neglected. I still wasn’t feeling great, and the time commitment of weddings was not something I wanted to do with a newborn at home. On top of that, we moved into a brand new market halfway through the year. I knew I needed to make a plan that would allow me to stay home with my son and still make the income my family was used to. That year, I was able to cut my number of jobs in half, while making a 15 percent increase in revenue and reducing my overhead by 5 percent. 

How did I make this huge shift happen? By selling ART.


Watch Christine design the same Art she sells in her studio, and how she handles objections like, "We don't have any wall space for artwork."

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