Now that you've filled out your questionnaire, signed your agreement, and taken care of your booking fee... its time for the real fun to begin!

Here's What To Expect Next...

A Guide to Your Custom Photoshoot Experience 

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The goal of our time together is for you to have the most beautiful and memorable experience of your life, and in the end you go home with stunning pieces of artwork that is as much for you now as it is for your future generation! I will get to know what is important to you and give you guidance on choosing your wardrobe to bring to the photoshoot.

To get to know you well enough to create stunning photographs and artwork that speak to YOU, we will have some conversations over the phone before our photoshoot together. Each of you will have the opportunity to talk about what is important TO YOU, what you love about your partner, and what this artwork will mean for your life and your relationship.

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This is your time to be the real you with the ones you love most. You will get your hair and makeup professionally done by our amazing Hair and Makeup Artist.  You can relax knowing that we are taking care of everything. The lighting, the posing, from your hair to your hands, we will make sure you look like the best version of you.


design consultation

This is the really exciting part where we get to design the artwork that will not only be an exciting souvenir from your Experience with us, but it will forever serve as a reminder of the people you are today. I will guide you though this easy process entirely to choose Artwork that you not only LOVE, but Artwork that matches the decor in your home, and speaks to your heart every morning when you wake up and feel the strength and confidence it brings your life.

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cinematic premiere 

Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy an hour all about you! You will get to enjoy a Premiere of the art we created together at your Photoshoot and choose your favorites that will then be used to create your Artwork. Everyone can come together for the Premiere, and then each family will have their own Design Consultation.

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placing your order

Your order will be placed at the end of your Ordering Session. We accept Visa, and MasterCard. Most of our model call clients invest an average between $1,500 - $2,500 on their artwork. Please ensure that you clear your credit cards before this appointment, you are going to love what is created during this time. All orders must be accompanied with full payment at the conclusion of your Ordering Session and our expert team of artists will commence to carefully refine and craft your artwork immediately after you place your order.



Our mission at The Yodsukars is to bring the relationships that meant he most in your life together. This is why we plan your Photography Experience with you to get a true understanding of what you love about those relationships. Everyone goes home with artwork that isn't for today, its for 30 years from now.


Christine, Rich, and The Yodsukars Team <3