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Transformational Boudoir Experience: Portland Boudoir Studio

Megan's outer transformation was nothing compared to the experience she had in her soul.

Megan's outer transformation was nothing compared to the experience she had in her soul.

You'll find out just like all of the other amazing women who have come through our studio doors that Boudoir Photography is a transformational experience. From the first time we talk on the phone to the day you are picking up your custom artwork and taking it home, you will be an elevated version of yourself. For our studio, and for me specifically, Boudoir is not a look. Boudoir is a feeling. It is feeling confident in who you are- that you are worth it, you are enough, and you are damn beautiful exactly as you are. 

Pretty much everyone walks into their boudoir photo session with a whole lot of nerves, unsure of how to pose and wondering if they will get even one good photo. None of these are things you should worry about, I promise. Because time and time again, the amazing people that walk through our doors tell us "that was way easier than I thought it would be!" and "That was so much fun!" and "I can't believe thats ME!!" And you, my sweet friend, will be saying those same exact things after your Boudoir Experience. 

From the moment you walk into our Studio to sit down in your hair and makeup chair, to the first time I show you the back of the camera so you can see just how truly stunning you are (and how everyone else sees you), to the minute you walk out of our doors with a new sense of accomplishment and pride, we have your back. 

Toni said, "For the first time I saw beauty in myself and fell in love with who I am."

Toni said, "For the first time I saw beauty in myself and fell in love with who I am."


Here's a little preview of how your Boudoir Experience goes...

  1. After we receive your inquiry, we give you a call to say Hey! (This phone call isn't one of those annoying 'let us tell you how we do things' kind of phone calls. No way. This phone call is like calling up your best friend to catch up. We want to learn about you and what is important to you so that we can capture you the best way possible.)
  2. You book your session and we celebrate over the airwaves!
  3. Together, we plan your session with help from our Lingerie Guide we give you, and all of your ideas you've been dreaming about.
  4. On the day of your Experience, we welcome you into our studio (music WILL be playing and I WILL be dancing...) where you can hang up your wardrobe that you brought, and you'll sit down in the hair and makeup chair with our amazing HMUA (She's THE BEST.)
  5. We chat, we hang, we drink coffee (and waterrrr), and we get excited for the amazingness that is about to happen :D 
  6. During your photoshoot, I walk you through every.single.detail. So don't worry about posing or smiling... don't worry about a single thing except having fun. I will make sure you look amazing from your hair to your finger tips, and I will also make sure your expressions are what you're looking for as well. 
  7. As I show you the back of the camera a few times, you'll find that you actually are STUNNING and CONFIDENT and AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and STRONG and RESILIENT and a WARRIOR and EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. That's what this is about. It's about you being you and me helping you see what's really there.
  8. After the session we have your Reveal and Design Consultation! This is the best part of it all because this is when you actually see your photos for the FIRST TIME! And we design your artwork together that you'll take home and cherish for your lifetime.
  9. A few weeks after that, your artwork is in your hands and in your home!! BOOM SHAKA LAKA. :D 
  10. Last but not least, we are friends for life. Sisters for life. Homies, ride or dies. I'm Chrissy and you're Roberta. 



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Join My Boudoir Community On Facebook

My Boudoir Community on Facebook is a place for us womxn to share about our Boudoir Experiences... and to be honest, it's a really a safe place to just be us. It's a place where us womxn can build each other up, tell that one girl we loooove her hair, tell another one that her outfit choice for her photoshoot was insanely gorgeous, and be OK with accepting compliments that people give us (I have always struggled with this... so I am practicing it daily!). 

Its a retreat, just for us. 

Shutterfest18 + Special Treatment

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I just got back from Shutterfest! The craziest conference for Photographers. It is non-stop, up all night, shoot all day, a million classes, amazingness.

This was my third year as a Speaker at Shutterfest, which means that I not only am responsible for creating and delivering three standout courses, but I also am expected to be out and about throughout the rest of my time, going up to people sitting alone, helping people doing photo shoots on their own, and be available for questions and chats throughout. It’s a lot of work, but it makes me feel alive to know I have the opportunity to change someone’s life. I take it very seriously and I try very hard.

The reason I’m writing is because for the first time, in my third year here, I’m starting to notice people see me from afar and stop and whisper and pretend not to be looking, I have people bringing me glasses of water when they haven’t even gotten one for themselves, I have people asking if they can help me with anything, people telling me they came to SF just for me, people responding to my “I know you don’t know who I am (so I can give them some qualifiers so they know they can trust me)” with “I DO know who you are!”

It’s a strange feeling, but a humbling one. I don’t think I deserve special treatment from people just because I am here in this position. I understand though, that they feel like I’ve given them something, and that is my hope when I come here...

But here is my wish for all of you and for everyone...

I hope that we all treat everyone with special treatment.

Everyone deserves it, whether we think so or not.

And as I said in one of my classes with 50 people all trying to photograph the same model,

“If you look out for everyone else and make sure they get their shot, then you will have 49 other people looking out for you making sure you get yours.”

And as always, thank you to Sal and Alissa, the super humans behind Shutterfest, for believing in me for a third year in a row to educate and inspire and lead. 

Thank you so my amazing sponsors Fundy Designer, Millers Professional Imaging, and Fotofafa. There is so much more to come. Hold on tight. LESSGO.


Couple's In-Studio Session with Tosha and Nick




Safety. Comfort. Encouragement. Passion. Loyalty...

These are the things we captured in their session. And the thing is, being who they are, most people are looking at what they are wearing or how did they get to where they are... but in this moment, in the time that we were photographing them, and in these stunning pieces of art that will forever capture THIS moment in time, they are Safety for one another, they are each other's comfort and encouragement. They are SO passionately in love. They are loyal to one another and to their relationship. 

Just because people see one thing, just because everyone else wants you to focus on something else, it never means that that is what we need to focus our energy on. When you are in the public eye, no matter how intensely or not, other peoples opinions of you find their way to your ear. It's nice to have someone feeding you the right things you want to hear. 


Love you Tosha and Nick!



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10 Things That Will Make Family Photoshoots FUN

10 Things That Will Make Family Photoshoots FUN!!


Being a Portland Family Photographer means many things, but one of the things that is most important to me is making sure that my families truly enjoy their photoshoot experiences. People of Portland are not stuffy. In fact, they are quite the opposite; they are real, down to earth, and humble. This is one of the main reasons we moved our little family here in 2016 and opened our Beaverton Photography Studio. We wanted more real. We wanted more down to earth. And we really really wanted more humble in our lives, especially with little FLY joining us (and if you have had the opportunity to meet this beautiful little soul, you know how sweet he is, and Portland just seems like the perfect place for him to grow up). 


So knowing that the people coming to us for Family Photos in Beaverton want to capture who they really are, I've been able to hone in on my list of 10 things that will make family photoshoots fun, and here it is!

  1.  First and foremost, focus on your family and forget about the camera. This sounds crazy, I know! I'm going to make a guesstimate here, but 99% of my clients come to me and tell me they are so nervous before their photoshoot. This is totally normal, as you can see. What I find really helps is to try not to focus on the camera, and instead focus on the reason you're here in the first place, your family! Look at them, interact with them, and enjoy this experience.
  2. Plan Ahead. With anything in life, if you plan ahead you will feel less stress and overwhelm. You know the old adage, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Don't let that be you... you deserve so much more than that! Instead, plan everything ahead! Plan your outfits at least two weeks ahead of time. Plan your meals and snacks for the photoshoot day, especially if you have littles. And plan for things to go un-planned ;) Grab a second outfit, grab extra snacks in case apples are the enemy that day, and grab a little extra om for the thing that will inevitably still go unplanned.
  3. Don't practice! Wait what? That's right. Do not practice how will you act in front of the camera. I don't want you worrying about your smile, or your posing, or how your laugh looks. If you practice, then you're robbing your children of having genuine archives of their parents and their family life. Give them memories that are true and real, and be comfortable with who you really are both on and off camera. Your children will want you to be you.
  4. Bring a surprise for your spouse. Even if this photoshoot is not coinciding with a special life moment (sidenote: I believe every moment is a special life moment, but that's a blog for another day ;) use it as an opportunity to make the most of the fact that you're documenting this day and do something extra special for your best friend. Think about what would be really meaningful for them, and surprise them during the photoshoot. Just make sure to tell me beforehand so we have a special wink right before it happens ;)
  5. Make the day about your kids. If this is a day we are going to be displaying in your home for generations to come, we want your children to have the fondest of memories from it. Set them up for a successful day by making sure they get all the sleep they need (we work around naps, my friends!), make sure they eat at their normal times and foods that will not cause crashing (sugar, I'm talking to you!), and give them lots of encouragement and cuddles. Being a star can be tiring ;) 
  6. Bring the Photographer to you. In-Home Lifestyle Family Photo Sessions are uhhh-mazing!! Think about it, you get to be in your own element (especially nice if your kids are teensy tiny and brand new), your kids are comfortable and have lots of things to show your Photographer (great rapport-builders!), and you get to show of your beautiful home that you worked so hard to create. 
  7. Be silly. When I am doing Family Photo Sessions, I without a doubt instruct my families to do silly things. I might tell you to have a staring contest, or to tickle each other, and I might even tell you to point at the person who takes the longest to get ready in the morning (it's so often the dads!!), but the magic doesn't happen while you're doing the thing I'm telling you to do, it happens in the moments after, when your beautiful, real, genuine self is reacting to that silly thing I asked your family to do, and you all didn't even realize you were having a blast together. THOSE are the photos that end up above your beautiful king bed, printed as Heirlooms to be passed down to your children when they grow up and build a home of their own.
  8. Go somewhere special. If you're having an outdoor photoshoot, pick a location for its meaning, not just because it's beautiful. Perhaps you have a special park that you take the family to on days off, or maybe your children just love that one part of town because its has the garden AND the ice cream shop. If the location has meaning, it is the perfect backdrop for a fun photoshoot.
  9. Give your partner 'the eye'. Not the "did you seriously just flip the baby upside down over your head?!" eye, but the 'Hey there hot stuff' eye ;) If you're like most parents, you have little time for yourself, let alone time to be a couple. Trust me when I say this, your photoshoot is the PERFECT time to give some attention to your relationship. The kids will have a chance to run around while the two of you can remember what it felt like before kids. 
  10. Think about the end result. When all is said and done, these photos are going to live in your home, on your walls and your most visited coffee tables for years to come... and then they will be passed onto your children, and your grandchildren. These Heirlooms are what will be held in their hands when they want to tell stories of the amazing lives you lived, and how you made them the people they are. THAT is the real reason you are having your precious family photographed and if you ask me, that just makes me smile. 

Interested in your own fun and meaningful photoshoot of your family?

We would love to hear from you!

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Featured on KOIN 6 News in Portland

Featured on KOIN 6 News in Portland


You've read about the work I am lucky enough to do with Breast Friends of Oregon. Well apparently word is getting around and KOIN 6 wanted to tell more people about it! Thank you so so much to Sally Showman for your heart and sharing Bald Is Beautiful with the people in our community. The women who work are Breast Friends work so hard, and to see them smiling from ear to ear today, just SO excited, well it really made my day. 

You can see the behind the scenes video from today by clicking the button above, or by clicking this link

The story will are on KOIN 6 on Monday March 26th at 5am, 6am, and 4pm.

Left to Right: Tracy Shultz Hair and Makeup Artist, Melissa our Beautiful Honoree for the Day, Myself Christine Yodsukar, Ginger Deborde Community Ambassador of Breast Friends, Linda Adams Voluntee of Breast Friends, Sally Showman of Heartprint Productions.

Left to Right: Tracy Shultz Hair and Makeup Artist, Melissa our Beautiful Honoree for the Day, Myself Christine Yodsukar, Ginger Deborde Community Ambassador of Breast Friends, Linda Adams Voluntee of Breast Friends, Sally Showman of Heartprint Productions.

Thank you to the amazing souls who make this happen.

Breast Friends of Oregon

Sally Showman, Heartprint Productions

See more of the Bald Is Beautiful Project

Make Happiness Happen #002




When was the last time you were touched? Ok! Get all the giggles out of the way!! 
I’m serious. When was the last time you were touched? When was the last time you touched someone? 
It could be a hand on the arm when you’re laughing hysterically, or a hug when you get picked up at the airport, or like with this beautiful pair of human beings right here, it could be a fun and unexpected tickle that incites laughter and 🌟PURE JOY🌟 that ends up being a HUGE piece of wall art in your home because it reminds you of what matters most in your life even when times are tough. 
Doctors found that a single touch hand to hand instantly and dramatically decreased the activity in areas of the brain that cause fear, danger, and threat. WOW 🤯 It’s real!!

Touch can cure sadness and fear. It can make us instantly happier and feel at ease. 

I don’t know about you, but this is a great reminder for me to give Rich a hug today- even if we are having a difficult conversation- and for me to gently touch Forrest’s back when he’s having a hard time dealing with a situation (in non hippy language: a tantrum). 


Are you giggles out of the way? Because I’m about to ask you a question and ask you to leave your answer for me in the comments. 
Tell me, who comes to your mind that you want to help today with a simple touch? Who could use less fear and sadness? Who do you know that could use some happiness? Write the name of the person you want to share Happiness with today 💗

Touch comes before sight, before speech.
It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.
— Margaret Atwood

Want more Happiness instigators for you day? Check out this one here:

Make Happiness Happen #001



I decided it was time to make these into a formal thing... by numbering them. The first Official installment of Make Happiness Happen. 


Part of serving others is serving myself also. It is doing things that I delight in that make me happy for no reason other than they just make me happy. Like getting Dutch Bros and singing and dancing in the car.

If you are someone that is constantly pouring yourself into others, doing everything you can to make sure they are taken care of and well (I’m talking to you Mommas!!), you can’t forget how important, no NECESSARY, it is to take time for yourself. You’re feeling exhausted and drained because you do so much, but you’re not getting anything to fill your energy back up. It’s your job to take care of yourself, and it doesn’t have to be another chore. 

One of my favorite things to do to pour back into myself- dance and sing in the car. Some days, sure, I just don’t feel like it, but some days, it’s EVERYTHING I needed. And if you’re a parent like me, we are in the car quite a lot, which means we have ample opportunity to turn a car ride into a self-care session. Some days it’s 90s hip hop, others it’s new agey hippy stuff, and others it’s the latest pop songs. Whatever makes you FEEL happy when you turn it on, that’s the one to go with that day. And yes, sometimes I sing to the people next to me at the stop light, and other days I act like huh? Dancing? Me? No way. There are no rules to what life is supposed to look like... except one...

Life should be filled with the people and activities that make you happy, everything else can go. 


Here is a photo of something that makes me EXTREMELY happy- in addition to singing and dancing in the car, of course. This is my crew (part of it, because its about 200+ deep) from the place I go Monday - Saturday to make myself 1% better each day. I've been going for exactly 8 weeks now, so I'm 56% better already!! I'm being cheeky, but I'm also being completely serious at the same time. Burn Boot Camp Beaverton has changed my life, and it makes me insanely happy.

Life should be filled with the people and activities that make you happy, everything else can go. 
— Christine Yodsukar



That's right! 2018 marks NINE years that The Yodsukars has been an operating business. It's pretty insane to think that it all started with a Groupon-type deal on The in 2009 for a $99 Engagement Session. We photographed somewhere around 80+ sessions the following year because of that deal... we had no life and missed out on everything, BUT it laid the groundwork for what The Yodsukars is today. And what are we today? I'll leave that for the end of this post. First, I think its only fitting as we Celebrate starting our company 9 years ago, that we hear from the Founder, my best friend and husband, Forrest's father, and the reason our business exists, Rich Yodsukar.

     Being a business owner has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Knowing that the direction of our careers is completely up to us - if we want to work more, or work less - has been so empowering. It's also been completely terrifying at times not knowing exactly when our next check is coming. As cliche as this sounds though, what's kept us going is believing that the universe will provide us with exactly what we need, and that is what's gotten us to this point in our lives and careers.  - Rich Yodsukar

Today, The Yodsukars is a Mission backed up by a lifestyle. On paper we are a Photo + Cinema studio based in Portland, Oregon and operating in Los Angeles as well. In our hearts and minds, we are just a little family set on changing the world one life at a time. What began as a studio focused on weddings, has morphed into a multi-layered company with departments catering to Businesses, Families, and Educating Other Photographers and Business Owners how to use their business to Find Their Happy. We have grown A LOT over the past 9 years, learning countless lessons about managing money, taking care of our clients, improving our technical skills, and marketing (to name a few, of course), but the one thing we have learned that I am MOST PROUD of and most EXCITED about is this...

We have learned to define SUCCESS on our terms. We have learned to create our own definition of HAPPINESS. And whats even cooler, we have learned the importance of allowing ourselves to redefine and recreate that as often as needed. That's one reason we moved from everyone we knew and the hometown of our business to a brand new place where we knew no one. I'm happy to say that 20 months later, we have established our business, found our friends and family, and created our home here in Portland. Instead of replacing one home with another, we have a new passion of adding homes, friends, and family... and businesses. 

The next opportunity is right around the corner. Keep us in your thoughts as we are looking to add another exciting adventure to our lives (not a baby you guys!!!!), so we can continue to change the world one person at a time.



A little backstory on my WHY for being a business owner:


Help Emmi Choose Her Headshot




Emmi has not only created a life she loves (and a personality that I love), but she has created a whole new way of doing her job. "Emmi's research focuses on individual privacy preferences, exploitation, elements of communication in medical research, integration and regulation of medical technology and medical decision making in the context of societal ethics." Yep. She's AMAZING. And she's definitely the person to find if you're ready for an in depth, yet wildly entertaining conversation about... well, anything. She's the best! 

So let's help a sister out and help her choose which headshot she should incorporate into her Professional life as Chief Compliance, Ethics and Privacy Officer extraordinaire!!









Comment the number (ONE, TWO, THREE, or FOUR) of your favorite to help Emmi choose.

See Michelle Lagos', of Lagos Consulting, breathtaking headshots... and one totally badass Portrait where she brings out her MOB Boss self ;) MOB: Mom Owned Business! See it here:

Shoot Like A Mother


Momming is damn hard work. I know! I have a two year old son and somehow have managed to step away long enough to continue to run my Photography studio in two cities with my amazing clients. The most rewarding work, though? Photographing my son and my husband experiencing everyday life. 

Wether you have a simple point and shoot camera or a professional-level DSLR or even just your phone, this class will teach you how to capture the soccer games, the recitals, and most importantly those precious moments at home snuggling up together or making pancakes on Sunday morning. 

You will learn the same techniques I have used in my Photography business for the past 8 years, creating gorgeous and timeless photographs for hundreds of families. You will get easy to use knowledge to capture these moments and learn how to keep them safe forever in print...And enjoy delicious bites to eat, coffee and champs, because like I said before, Momming is hard. 

And oh yea, babysitter included ;)

Purchase your $49 ticket for your educational Mom's day out, and learn to Shoot Like a Mother:

I can't wait to see you there! 




See more of the work we do. Here is a beautiful Portrait Session for the Bald Is Beautiful Project that we do with Breast Friends, an amazing organization supporting women surviving breast cancer. 

Bald Is Beautiful


Honor isn’t a strong enough word to describe what photographing this mother and daughter felt like to me. I met Laura through working with Breast Friends for their Bald Is Beautiful project. If you haven’t heard about the amazing work that Breast Friends does for women living with and surviving cancer, then I implore for you to look at them and what they do- I am getting teary-eyed just talking about it, they are so supportive and helpful. 

So I photographed Laura and her daughter, and when we met for their big Reveal, they knew these photos were too meaningful to just let them sit somewhere on a hard drive or cloud- THEY HAD TO PRINT THEM. Laura, her daughter, and Laura's wife Deb decided together on this stunning piece of art (pictured above - The Wesley Statement Piece). Laura is the one who described the meaning of this artwork the best... in my own words adapted from what she said that day, it went a little something like this:

'Right now, this artwork shows us being happy during a difficult time, but I don’t let myself think about how difficult it is. I just have to power through it all. But years from now, when we are far beyond this experience and this cancer and the treatments, I won’t have to remember only the difficult times and the doctors visits... I’ll get to look at this and remember THIS moment out of all of them. THIS will be what the result of my cancer was- the love and relationship I have with my daughter. That is all that matters.'

When Laura said that at the Reveal with myself and her wife and two of the Breast Friend women there, we all were crying and in awe. When we work together, MAGIC HAPPENS. I love you and your family so much, Laura. I can’t wait to hang THIS in your home and give you the memories of this journey that you choose. Thank you for the honor. 

The Wesley Statement Piece, named after my dear friend's son, is a magical way to showcase four of your most meaningful photographs on one single piece of Artwork. It is one of our most popular pieces, and definitely our most popular Single Piece Composite design. Here you see the piece in its Medium size, 30x30 inches. 

The Wesley Statement Piece, named after my dear friend's son, is a magical way to showcase four of your most meaningful photographs on one single piece of Artwork. It is one of our most popular pieces, and definitely our most popular Single Piece Composite design. Here you see the piece in its Medium size, 30x30 inches. 

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video from our very first Bald Is Beautiful Photoshoot Day.

If you'd like to learn about Breast Friends, you can find out more here:

And you can follow along as we continue to photograph more amazing women for the Bald Is Beautiful Project each month here in our studio in Portland, Oregon by going here. 


VIDEO: Bald Is Beautiful

Celebrate the Struggle. It is what has gotten us to where we are today.
— Christine Yodsukar
Breast Friends of Oregon Photography and Cinematography by The Yodsukars Makeup by Pincurls by Tracy Voiced by Linda Adams The Bald Is Beautiful Photo Project is celebrating women living with and surviving cancer.

We are honored to be working with Breast Friends of Oregon on their Bald is Beautiful project. November 2017 marked our first month of portraits where we photographed these beautiful women, and here is a look at our day together. 

Thank you for having us.

Makeup by the amazing Pincurls By Tracy 💗
Venue Studio Northwest



See a recent photoshoot with did with the stunning Stacey S. to Celebrate her Happiness here:

Asking For Things I Have No Business Asking For

Christine Yodsukar Speaker

I was talking to an online group about all of the crazy things I have asked others for- asking for Work, asking for connections, asking for help… Some turn into some of the biggest accomplishments in my life and career thus far. Others were huge HUGE bombs.

My friend saw what I wrote, “I ask for things I have no business asking for” and she responded something to the effect of “I love that you have no fear.”

Here’s the deal. I am DEFINITELY afraid when I ask for things. I get extremely anxious and I try to talk myself out of it every single time. I think, “It’s stupid to ask. They have too much going on, I shouldn’t bother them. I’m not going to get it anyway so I shouldn’t waste my time. I’ll ask on Monday instead.” I have A LOT of fear. But the fear doesn’t matter. It’s what I do despite the fear that makes the difference between where I am now and where I was yesterday. And today I am closer to where I want to be and the person I want to be than I was yesterday.

What do you want to ask for? What have you been wanting to ask for for months now? What do you want?! Asking is so freaking hard, but if I have learned one hard lesson in our 8 years of owning our Photo + Cinema business, it’s that NO ONE and NOTHING is going to be given to me. People don’t wake up in the morning and think, “Gee, how can I help Christine Yodsukar today?” NO! They wake up and think about all the shit they have to take care of that day, the things they don’t want to do, the errands they forgot to do the day before, their kid is crying because they want breakfast, they are late on a deadline, and they have a client who is making them want to quit their own business. Everyone is human and just trying to do their best just like you are. They don’t have the time and energy to make things happen for me. Or for you. I have to make things happen for me and you have to make things happen for you. This is where the ask comes into play.

If no one is going to bring you a triple latte with extra foam and four pumps of hazelnut on a silver platter then you need to ask them to do so. You need to ask very specifically for exactly what you want, because if you don’t then they might bring you a coffee but it might be a peppermint decaf with coconut milk and you’re like WTF is this?! Ask and be specific in your ask so if the opportunity is there, people can give you what you want.

So how do I go from the fear of asking holding me back to actually asking? I play dumb. I literally shut off my brain (as literally as I can), and I type the words and hit send. Or I pull up the person’s phone number (and after ten minutes of giving myself excuses) I press the green phone button and the phone starts ringing. Then when they answer I say the words I need to say- very straightforward, no hoopla, no flowery words, I just say what I need to say. I disconnect myself from my anxiety and my fear for that moment I hit send or that moment I verbally say the words. Afterwards, you would think that’s when I freak out, but by that time the opportunity to freak out has passed and I’m on to the next big thing that scares me.

The key is to play dumb with yourself. You’re not afraid and you’re not nervous. Heck, you’re not anything. You’re just a robot saying the words you need to say to ask for the thing that you want. Done end of story.

Now this is going to be helpful for those of you that know what you want and who you need to ask to get it or get there, but for those of you that don’t even see the possibility of asking as a real thing, we need to go a tad bit further. If there is something you want, something that you think about constantly or even just often, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE IT. Yes you have to work for it and you have to make it happen, but you are absolutely allowed to have it. You are worth it. You are good enough. Stop comparing yourself to other people, other business owners, other photographers, other parents, other young single dudes, and focus on growing yourself. Compete with yourself. If you are in your business simply to be better than your neighbor selling a 3 hour session and all the digitals for $99, you will never win. But if you are in business for a purpose and everything that you do is working toward that greater good, then every single step will be a win.


So now you can write down all of those things that you want and you dream about that you never thought you were good enough to have or deserved to do, and now you can start making action plans to make them happen. You can start figuring out who can help you get closer to those goals and you can ask them for what you need.

The bottom line is this: we get one life. Don’t waste it worrying that you’re playing by the rules and being better than $99 Tommy Thomas. Forget Tommy and make your own game with your own rules. Make your life YOUR life. Do good. Spread love and joy. And be Happy.


I share my WHY when it comes to being a business owner, and why I feel fierce AF in the pursuit of my business goals here:

"You Should Be A Life Coach"


The best compliment I received recently was that I should be a life coach. I laughed when I first read it... but then I though, “I guess I kind of am a life coach.”

A life coach is supposed to help you make your life better. That’s exactly what I do. I work with people to find out what is important to them - like really truly forever and always important to them - and then I give them ways to celebrate that every single day. I give them ways to call upon that happiness when life is sucking. I give them ways to put focus on the things that make them happy instead of ‘the laundry is piled up, we ate frozen pizza for dinner... again, and I’m’ I give people the opportunity to revel in the beauty that is their life.

I guess I am a life coach 🤷‍♀️😆

Photos of a recent life coaching clients “Way to Celebrate” 😉

I’m so lucky to do what I do. I’m so lucky to do it with the people I do it with.

Portland Family Photographer
Portland Family Photographer

A Lesson in Love... That I'm Learning

Self love is the most important kind.

This is a lesson that I had learned... but am trying to relearn all over again. 
I am sure some of you understand what I am talking about. As a young adult there comes a time when you really feel like your life is just coming together in such amazing ways; you are making a good living, being healthy and fit, nurturing all the meaningful relationships in your life, improving yourself everyday... You love the person you have become.
...and then something happens that rocks your world. 
For me, that something has been becoming a mom. I put all of my focus on being there for my son, Forrest, that wanting to go to the gym for an hour seems so selfish and like SO much work. I feel guilty when I'm working, because it means I am away from my family. I eat more processed foods. I hang out with friends less... and never at night HA! I don't meditate as much as I used to, and I spend a lot of time talking about Daniel Tiger and Paw Patrol. 
Life is different. I'm re-figuring it all out. 
So while my something has been becoming a mom, your something could be anything.
Like Shannon. Shannon is a woman that I had the pleasure of photographing recently. We had an amazing time- it was so effortless and so rewarding. 
Yesterday she posted her portrait on her facebook along with a message that really hit me in the gut. 

"I am learning to look at my crow's feet and to appreciate all of the work that it took to get there."

DAMN. She changed my whole perspective in that one line.
YES, my life is totally different. 
NO, I am definitely not the person I want to be right now. 
BUT, I am working on it, and I have been working on it... AND its taken me a lot of hard work to get to be the person I am right now, despite not being in the gym 6 days a week and despite getting a bagged salad for dinner last night and only working for half of the day instead of the whole day.
We are not perfect because of how we compare ourselves to other people. We are perfect because we love ourselves for who we truly are. 

So after this long email that may seem to be about me... I'm writing to tell you that whatever it is that has rocked your world and whatever it is that is making you feel less than, it doesn't make you any less perfect than you were when you loved yourself before. Chances are, you've taken on a whole lot more life in the time between then and now, and you're probably kicking ass in ways that you didn't even realize. 

So today, throw some glitter in your haair (something I did...) and get your nails painted like the galaxy (something I also did...) and ENJOY the life that you have. Be comfortable, be happy, and be you, damnnit. 


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