shoot like a mother

Shoot Like A Mother


Momming is damn hard work. I know! I have a two year old son and somehow have managed to step away long enough to continue to run my Photography studio in two cities with my amazing clients. The most rewarding work, though? Photographing my son and my husband experiencing everyday life. 

Wether you have a simple point and shoot camera or a professional-level DSLR or even just your phone, this class will teach you how to capture the soccer games, the recitals, and most importantly those precious moments at home snuggling up together or making pancakes on Sunday morning. 

You will learn the same techniques I have used in my Photography business for the past 8 years, creating gorgeous and timeless photographs for hundreds of families. You will get easy to use knowledge to capture these moments and learn how to keep them safe forever in print...And enjoy delicious bites to eat, coffee and champs, because like I said before, Momming is hard. 

And oh yea, babysitter included ;)

Purchase your $49 ticket for your educational Mom's day out, and learn to Shoot Like a Mother:

I can't wait to see you there! 




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