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Shutterfest18 + Special Treatment

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I just got back from Shutterfest! The craziest conference for Photographers. It is non-stop, up all night, shoot all day, a million classes, amazingness.

This was my third year as a Speaker at Shutterfest, which means that I not only am responsible for creating and delivering three standout courses, but I also am expected to be out and about throughout the rest of my time, going up to people sitting alone, helping people doing photo shoots on their own, and be available for questions and chats throughout. It’s a lot of work, but it makes me feel alive to know I have the opportunity to change someone’s life. I take it very seriously and I try very hard.

The reason I’m writing is because for the first time, in my third year here, I’m starting to notice people see me from afar and stop and whisper and pretend not to be looking, I have people bringing me glasses of water when they haven’t even gotten one for themselves, I have people asking if they can help me with anything, people telling me they came to SF just for me, people responding to my “I know you don’t know who I am (so I can give them some qualifiers so they know they can trust me)” with “I DO know who you are!”

It’s a strange feeling, but a humbling one. I don’t think I deserve special treatment from people just because I am here in this position. I understand though, that they feel like I’ve given them something, and that is my hope when I come here...

But here is my wish for all of you and for everyone...

I hope that we all treat everyone with special treatment.

Everyone deserves it, whether we think so or not.

And as I said in one of my classes with 50 people all trying to photograph the same model,

“If you look out for everyone else and make sure they get their shot, then you will have 49 other people looking out for you making sure you get yours.”

And as always, thank you to Sal and Alissa, the super humans behind Shutterfest, for believing in me for a third year in a row to educate and inspire and lead. 

Thank you so my amazing sponsors Fundy Designer, Millers Professional Imaging, and Fotofafa. There is so much more to come. Hold on tight. LESSGO.