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Fundy Software Company Headshots



Company headshots are a valuable asset to any company, whether you are a Portland Small Business or a Retail company based in Los Angeles. Not only do professional business headshots make your team look good, but they are exciting for your team. It shows them that each one of them is a valuable asset to the work you do. Welcoming the team behind Fundy Software into my Portrait Studio in Beaverton was SO FUN... mostly because they are all a blast to hang with. With them, work is like play. 

Fundy Software Inc is a local company here in Portland that has created the most useful software for photographers that I have ever used. If you have been a client of mine, you have seen me use it in our Design Consultation together. Not only is the product amazing, but the people that make up Fundy Software are truly family to me and my little family. 

It was so AWESOME being the one they trusted to do their new company headshots. Thank you, Fundy Software! 

Help Emmi, Chief Compliance Officer at WEconnect, choose her headshot:

Michelle Lagos Consulting Headshots



Michelle Lagos came over to our photography studio in Beaverton, Oregon for her headshots and of course we danced and laughed our way through. You don't get together with this woman and NOT have an amazing time. Lagos Consulting is Portland's premiere Website Designer, Developer, and Digital Strategist. She is DYNAMIC... to say the least. We knew that Michelle is used to being behind the scenes, so pampering her with Hair and Makeup before the photoshoot, and guiding her through the Design Consultation to choose her favorite photographs after the photoshoot was extra fun for us. When someone continually gives and gives beauty to the world, you can't help but want to pour ten times that amount of love back onto them. You, Michelle, and the epitome of a giver and I am so happy we had the opportunity to create with you. 

As always, thank you to our Hair and Makeup Artist, Aubrey Kay Evans, the owner and powerhouse behind Beauty By Bre. 

And of course we had to show off her amazing personality, because if you don't know Michelle in person, you MUST make a date to meet her. You'll probably meet her at her favorite dining spot in PDX, the delicious Harlow, and you have my personal guarantee that you will have FUN and walk away totally inspired and motivated to do the things you've been wanting to. Michelle is in one word: AMAZING.

Visit our studio in Beaverton, Oregon, minutes away from Nike! 

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Help Emmi Choose Her Headshot




Emmi has not only created a life she loves (and a personality that I love), but she has created a whole new way of doing her job. "Emmi's research focuses on individual privacy preferences, exploitation, elements of communication in medical research, integration and regulation of medical technology and medical decision making in the context of societal ethics." Yep. She's AMAZING. And she's definitely the person to find if you're ready for an in depth, yet wildly entertaining conversation about... well, anything. She's the best! 

So let's help a sister out and help her choose which headshot she should incorporate into her Professional life as Chief Compliance, Ethics and Privacy Officer extraordinaire!!









Comment the number (ONE, TWO, THREE, or FOUR) of your favorite to help Emmi choose.

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