Transformational Boudoir Experience: Portland Boudoir Studio

Megan's outer transformation was nothing compared to the experience she had in her soul.

Megan's outer transformation was nothing compared to the experience she had in her soul.

You'll find out just like all of the other amazing women who have come through our studio doors that Boudoir Photography is a transformational experience. From the first time we talk on the phone to the day you are picking up your custom artwork and taking it home, you will be an elevated version of yourself. For our studio, and for me specifically, Boudoir is not a look. Boudoir is a feeling. It is feeling confident in who you are- that you are worth it, you are enough, and you are damn beautiful exactly as you are. 

Pretty much everyone walks into their boudoir photo session with a whole lot of nerves, unsure of how to pose and wondering if they will get even one good photo. None of these are things you should worry about, I promise. Because time and time again, the amazing people that walk through our doors tell us "that was way easier than I thought it would be!" and "That was so much fun!" and "I can't believe thats ME!!" And you, my sweet friend, will be saying those same exact things after your Boudoir Experience. 

From the moment you walk into our Studio to sit down in your hair and makeup chair, to the first time I show you the back of the camera so you can see just how truly stunning you are (and how everyone else sees you), to the minute you walk out of our doors with a new sense of accomplishment and pride, we have your back. 

Toni said, "For the first time I saw beauty in myself and fell in love with who I am."

Toni said, "For the first time I saw beauty in myself and fell in love with who I am."


Here's a little preview of how your Boudoir Experience goes...

  1. After we receive your inquiry, we give you a call to say Hey! (This phone call isn't one of those annoying 'let us tell you how we do things' kind of phone calls. No way. This phone call is like calling up your best friend to catch up. We want to learn about you and what is important to you so that we can capture you the best way possible.)
  2. You book your session and we celebrate over the airwaves!
  3. Together, we plan your session with help from our Lingerie Guide we give you, and all of your ideas you've been dreaming about.
  4. On the day of your Experience, we welcome you into our studio (music WILL be playing and I WILL be dancing...) where you can hang up your wardrobe that you brought, and you'll sit down in the hair and makeup chair with our amazing HMUA (She's THE BEST.)
  5. We chat, we hang, we drink coffee (and waterrrr), and we get excited for the amazingness that is about to happen :D 
  6. During your photoshoot, I walk you through every.single.detail. So don't worry about posing or smiling... don't worry about a single thing except having fun. I will make sure you look amazing from your hair to your finger tips, and I will also make sure your expressions are what you're looking for as well. 
  7. As I show you the back of the camera a few times, you'll find that you actually are STUNNING and CONFIDENT and AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and STRONG and RESILIENT and a WARRIOR and EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. That's what this is about. It's about you being you and me helping you see what's really there.
  8. After the session we have your Reveal and Design Consultation! This is the best part of it all because this is when you actually see your photos for the FIRST TIME! And we design your artwork together that you'll take home and cherish for your lifetime.
  9. A few weeks after that, your artwork is in your hands and in your home!! BOOM SHAKA LAKA. :D 
  10. Last but not least, we are friends for life. Sisters for life. Homies, ride or dies. I'm Chrissy and you're Roberta. 



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