Same Day Design Consultation


VALUE. It’s the one thing I focus all of my time and energy on. I want to bring immeasurable VALUE to my clients. This isn’t easy because each and every person values different things… but this is also what makes my every day so fun. I get to find out what my clients Value, and make it my mission to give that to them. 

One major way I can bring the Value in my business is to do Same Day Design Consultations whenever possible. What is a Design Consultation? That is the first time my clients get to see their photos after their photoshoot! It is the MOST EXCITING part of the entire experience. Yes. My clients get to see their photos the very same day as their photoshoot. 

Fun Side Note for Photographers: Professional Photographer Magazine published an article of mine that I wrote for photographers about why Same Day Design Consultations are so awesome for me, my business and my clients, and you can check that out here:

As I write this, I am in-flight on my way to Los Angeles from Portland (from what we have dubbed our “relaxing home” to our “work home”) to meet up with my clients Tiffany and Kevan. They are celebrating their engagement all the way from Canada by having their Engagement Photoshoot Experience in Los Angeles with little ol’ me. Not only will we take their photos today, but they will get to see their photos for the first time, Design their Artwork for their home with me, and will put in their order for their Artwork, meaning it will be in their home in WEEKS. WEEKS!! No waiting weeks just to see their photos- they will actually get to hang their relationship on their walls in a few short weeks. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is! 

I get so excited for my clients.. for a few reasons. One, I have been through this experience myself, so I know just how much it means to be able to stop and focus all of your attention on the ones you love most in this world. Despite all the work and errands and endless To Do lists, you will never regret taking time out to celebrate your relationships with the people most important to you in your life. Second, I have been fortunate enough to witness the transformation that happens in my clients lives after going through this experience with us. It’s not just a photoshoot- thats not how we work. This is LIFE. This is EVERYTHING. This is creating tangible fine art that will live not only in your home but in the homes of the generations after you. It is tangible artwork that carries on your legacy and tells the story of the amazing life you lived. It allows you, the person in the photos, to remember what makes you wake up each morning, even when times are hard, when there is an illness, financial struggles, wondering if you can even keep going- you look up at your artwork and are reminded of the things that keep you going. Nothing matters more. 

So as I sit here writing this, I’m excitedly anxious knowing what the rest of the day will bring. Tiffany and Kevan are going to get lost celebrating one another. They will make memories today that they will never forget, and they will let everything else wash away as they take time to focus on their reason for waking up each morning. He is her safety and comfort. She is his stability and his rock. I’m honored to capture this for you two today and always. 

Look out for an update on their photographs and artwork coming to the blog soon :D I never post photos until after they have received their artwork- because seeing your photos for the first time on your phone on FB is NOTHING compared to hearing the doorbell ring, opening it up to see HUGE boxes at your door, getting excited knowing that your artwork is only inches away from you, and then excitedly (yet carefully heehee) opening those boxes to reveal timeless fine art created with the sole purpose of celebrating you. THAT is infinitely more valuable than seeing anything on Facebook. So once Tiffany and Kevan hang their artwork, the internet will get to share in their excitement and jump and squeal and cry too :D