Professional Photographer Magazine


I’m really trying hard to refrain from quoting Britney Spears, but damn! I did it again!! (Minus the “oops”). Actually, as with many of my recent accomplishments, I feel as though it was much less my doing in making it happen than it was people around me supporting me and encouraging me. Since this isn’t the Grammy’s I won’t give a thank you speech, but I will just say that I am lucky to be surrounded by the people I call friends and colleagues, and I can’t help but think I was ready for the challenges because I have always been brazenly determined- even when I’m oh-so out of my league. Thank you friends for helping me make this happen. 

So here it is. I have an article with Professional Photographer Magazine!! Special thanks to my partners Fundy Software Inc, Millers Professional Imaging, and Silverlake Photo, as well as my beautiful models, The Patrick Family!!

You can check it out here:

You can also read about a couple, Tiffany and Kevan, that had their own Same Day Design Consultation- just like I talk about in the PPM article :D

Check that out here: