I'm Published! In Barnes and Noble!


It's true! It happened!

It's only been on my Goal List since 2013 (in various forms), so to say I am EXCITED does not even do the extreme level happiness that I feel justice. 

I am honored to have been asked to write a featured article for Shutter Magazine The Lighting Edition. It came out August 2017 in Barnes and Noble. 

My article is Light Through a Wedding Day where I take you through all of my special How To's for getting the same gorgeous lighting as I do on a wedding day. It's a freaking amazing article- I can say this because I have been teaching about Wedding Day Lighting since 2014 and the amount of photographers that message me, text me, email me with photos from their first weddings after taking my course.... it's unbelievable! These photographers go from being so totally overwhelmed (just like I was!) when it comes to lighting a wedding day, to being totally in control and producing stunning cinematic photographs. Receiving those messages and photos from them MAKES MY YEAR. 

You can find Shutter Magazine in Barnes and Noble (did I say that already? :D) and you can also see the full article on behindtheshutter.com here: https://behindtheshutter.com/light-through-a-wedding-day/

Thank you so so much Sal Cincotta and Alissa Zimmerman for trusting me to teach and guide your amazing followers. Much love to you both!!

PS. If you want to see a really embarrassing video of my ugly crying while going into B&N and seeing my article for the first time, you can see that here thanks to my amazing friend Andrew Funderburg (creator of Fundy Software which I could not serve my clients without): https://www.facebook.com/andrewfunderburg/videos/10214211425185465/

Thank you for the support and the love everyone!!

And if you're interested in learning more about Wedding Albums, you can find that here: https://www.theyodsukars.com/education/