A Lesson in Love... That I'm Learning

Self love is the most important kind.

This is a lesson that I had learned... but am trying to relearn all over again. 
I am sure some of you understand what I am talking about. As a young adult there comes a time when you really feel like your life is just coming together in such amazing ways; you are making a good living, being healthy and fit, nurturing all the meaningful relationships in your life, improving yourself everyday... You love the person you have become.
...and then something happens that rocks your world. 
For me, that something has been becoming a mom. I put all of my focus on being there for my son, Forrest, that wanting to go to the gym for an hour seems so selfish and like SO much work. I feel guilty when I'm working, because it means I am away from my family. I eat more processed foods. I hang out with friends less... and never at night HA! I don't meditate as much as I used to, and I spend a lot of time talking about Daniel Tiger and Paw Patrol. 
Life is different. I'm re-figuring it all out. 
So while my something has been becoming a mom, your something could be anything.
Like Shannon. Shannon is a woman that I had the pleasure of photographing recently. We had an amazing time- it was so effortless and so rewarding. 
Yesterday she posted her portrait on her facebook along with a message that really hit me in the gut. 

"I am learning to look at my crow's feet and to appreciate all of the work that it took to get there."

DAMN. She changed my whole perspective in that one line.
YES, my life is totally different. 
NO, I am definitely not the person I want to be right now. 
BUT, I am working on it, and I have been working on it... AND its taken me a lot of hard work to get to be the person I am right now, despite not being in the gym 6 days a week and despite getting a bagged salad for dinner last night and only working for half of the day instead of the whole day.
We are not perfect because of how we compare ourselves to other people. We are perfect because we love ourselves for who we truly are. 

So after this long email that may seem to be about me... I'm writing to tell you that whatever it is that has rocked your world and whatever it is that is making you feel less than, it doesn't make you any less perfect than you were when you loved yourself before. Chances are, you've taken on a whole lot more life in the time between then and now, and you're probably kicking ass in ways that you didn't even realize. 

So today, throw some glitter in your haair (something I did...) and get your nails painted like the galaxy (something I also did...) and ENJOY the life that you have. Be comfortable, be happy, and be you, damnnit. 


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