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We Are Honored {Special Olympics Torch Run with Aneheim Angels}

We were honored to be asked to shoot the Special Olympics Torch Run at the very beginning of the Anaheim Angels home game Wednesday night May 2, 2012. The Angels ask the Orange Country Special Olympics Athletes to run the Torch around the field every year, and this is our second year joining in. It is such an important day, and being there to watch the fun and excitement is invigorating for us. Weddings are always fun and full of emotion, and we love having the opportunity to capture that every weekend, but the Special Olympics Athletes from Orange County will always be a source of inspiration for us.

The Torch, itself.

Everyone was about to get special Anaheim Angels hats to wear for the Torch Run and the excitement level was HIGH!

Close-knit group of Athletes.

They play jokes on each other too!

Time to conquer the infamous Anaheim Angels field.

The Athletes are joined by esteemed members of the OC Police Departments.

The crowd welcomes the Athletes to the field, to the stadium, and to the spotlight!

Everyone was introduced individually.

And off they went, around the entire field, showing off their abilities and the bright torch.

Coming in proud!

High Fives all around. So many high fives!

And their job is done.

Not without a little help from friends.

Conquer Anaheim Angels Stadium. Check. Now its time to enjoy friends, enjoy the game, and enjoy some snacks!!


Thank you Athletes! Thank you law enforcement! Thank you to everyone involved. You are all amazing.

With Love,

Rich and Christine

With Love,

Rich and Christine

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