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Matt and Frankie (Teaser)

Yeterday was a day full of excitement and emotion. We traveled to Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, leaving at 5am to be there and shooting by 7:00. About 20 minutes into our drive north, it began to sprinkle tiny little specs of rain. Then the rain drops got bigger as our ride got shorter. By the time we arrived at Bacara, the rain was coming down, but as was said many times from many people yesterday, “It did not rain on our Parade!”

With Love,

Rich and Christine

Rich and Christine of The Yodsukars, are two of the best wedding photographers and wedding cinematographers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. They’ve earned the trust of many industry leaders as well as garnered the attention from the Knot, winning Best of Weddings for 2012. The Yodsukars specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, unique experiences through wedding photography and wedding cinematography. Please make sure to like our Facebook page if you like what we do at Facebook.com/theyodsukars or Send us a message!

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