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Mac and Miriam {Engagement}

M&M. I wonder if I am the first to call them that, or if everyone says it and they are so over it ;) They met at a restaurant. Miriam was the waitress for Mac and his friends one night, and she must have made quite the impression, because the very next night guess who went back to the restaurant to ask her out? Yup. You guessed it. Mac just had to get back there right away. Even when he proposed he worked fast. He was with her family for Christmas, and asked Miriam’s father is he could have her hand in marriage… once he got the blessing he proposed in front of her whole family. Everyone approved!

We had a great day shooting at UCLA, a place that meant a lot to Miriam, as she had spent so many hours during so many years there, studying Sociology. She says she spent even more hours in the Library, but was sure not to venture too close to the Math and Science area of campus- a section known to be gloomy year round- a huge contrast from how bright and cheery it was in her Sociology section of campus. We certainly had the perfect day for a shoot! Mac and Miriam were so easy to photograph, both so gosh darn good looking!! And so sweet too. We were so thankful to get to hang around with this beautiful couple for a day.

Congratulations Mac and Miriam!!

With Love,

Rich and Christine

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