Kerry and Julia {Wedding}

I had the recent¬† pleasure of second shooting with John Park again. I absolutely LOVE second shooting and definitely recommend it for everyone (including those seasoned pro’s out there) because it keeps me fresh. We’ve all been in those ruts before where we make that “UGH!” sound everytime we look at the back of our cameras. No matter what we shoot, everything just seems so dull and flat. Second shooting allows you to gain some fresh perspective by working with someone you don’t usually work with. In that same vein, it’s important that when you are second shooting, you shoot with someone you respect. I absolutely love John’s work and I learn so much from him whenever we shoot together so the experience I gain from second shooting, is invaluable.

I was especially excited about this wedding because, 1) it was my first same-sex wedding, and 2) it would be at LA River Center Gardens which is gorgeous!

Kerry and Julia are so kind and warm-hearted, and to see them surrounded with nothing but love and support, was very inspiring. The day was filled with lots of laughter, love, and tears (happy ones, of course). We wish you guys nothing but the best in your new lives together!


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