Evan and Noelle {A Movie Theatre Engagement}

I just about drooled all over our desk when I got the email from Evan and Noelle telling me they had spoken to the Manager at an old-style movie theatre is Westwood, CA and we had their permission to do their Engagement Photo Shoot in the famous Fox Westwood Village Theatre!! If only every awesome venue in the world could open up their lovely doors to us =) But, this really did happen, oh it happened, and it was AMAZING! Evan and Noelle had soo many ideas they brought to the table with their shoot, which gave us so much to play around with while shooting. Fun Couple = Very Happy Yodsukars! Now something worth noting is that Evan and Noelle are family =) Although, we have not had the chance to hang out the four of us the way we did on our shoot day. We found out that Christine and Noelle are personality twins, which is awesome because we all know how much we LOVE silly Christine {WAIT! Who’s writing this one?! baha}, and we got to see that EVAN is extremely different from DEVAN, his older brother and Rich’s sisters long-time boyfriend. Overall it was an amazing day, photographically, friend-ly, and Diddy-Reese-ly. Mmmmmmm. Diddy.
So there is not much that can be said about this insane Movie Theatre Engagement, except that Evan and Noelle came up with EVERYTHING {every prop, all the ideas, even the Custom Movie Theatre Poster they put outside the Theatre that Evan made!!!}, and really put so much love into their shoot. Going to the movies was the perfect place to celebrate that day, and it was only fitting, seeing as Evan and Noelle had their first date at the movie theatre seeing SAW, and have made it a point to go see a movie for the past 8 years every year on their anniversary. Can’t wait for your amazing wedding you guys!! Love you!!!

With love,
Rich and Chris

Creative Bandits:
Venue: Fox Westwood Village Theatre
3-D Glasses: Made by Evan and Noelle
A Vellios Wedding Movie Poster: Designed by Evan
Props: Francesca’s Boutique
Lighting: Alien Bee B800


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