Tuesday Tip for a Successful Wedding {Seek Professional Help}

Ok, I’m not talking about going to the Psychiatrist here, although if it would do you good then definitely go on over and have a chat, but what I am talking about in Seeking Professional Help is really one of the most important parts of your Wedding Day, and thats a PLANNER!

I know that it seems logical that if you are doing all the planning, you talk to and make deals with all of your vendors, that everything is taken care of and there is really no need to pay over $1000-$1500 to hire someone just to be at your Wedding Day walking around with a clipboard. I get it. Money is nicer to hang on to than to give away, but I kid you not, hiring a planner or not is like the difference between having Air Conditioning in your car while driving through the dessert at 3pm in 120 degree heat. Its necessary. You won’t die without it, but you will wish with every molecule of your being that you had made a different choice before hand.

Planners and Day-Of Coordinators are way more than just that swift gal {or guy!} with a clipboard {or fancy doo-dad}. They are your brain, your hands, your voice, your everything for you except for your kissing partner. And even if you only have a “Day-Of” coordinator, they are with you much longer than that. Usually they take over about a month before your date, although every business is different, but they all want to make sure that you and your fiance are chilling out by the pool getting mani-pedi’s the month before your wedding {yes, guys, get the mani-pedi for goodness sake! …a blog for another day perhaps}. But honestly, if you have not hired a Planner to do all of the heavy lifting for you, and you have spent probably near a year planning your own wedding, you AT LEAST owe it to yourself to have a Day Of Coordinator at your wedding. Otherwise you will be forced to spend your own lovely Wedding Day on the phone with vendors, walking around telling people where and how you want the flowers, fixing last minute changes that were unforeseen that aren’t even fun creative problems!, and sweating for no reason when you should be relaxing with your friends, family, and brand new spouse!

This may not be what some of you want to hear, but I say it with love to all you lovely Brides and Grooms-to-be out there. A Planner or Day Of Coordinator is going to make YOUR Wedding experience one million times better, more enjoyable for you and everyone else too 😉

And just for fun, because we all love to see good girls go bad…. Snow White on her lunch break…. ENJOY!!!


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