Duchess Riot {Commercial Work}

I always think about how each of my friends brings out a different side of me. If I acted around one friend the way I act around another, they would probably want to know what was wrong with me that day. It’s a truth about ourselves that I don’t know if everyone can recognize, but I think we all have it. And it’s not coming from deceit or wanting to fit in, we just naturally connect with different people in different way, and all the beautiful and crazy and interesting sides of ourselves get to come out the more friends we have. Well, we are super lucky, because now we have 8 new amazing friends, and we get to show you TWO of their awesome sides. Please enjoy the commercials we created with and for DUCHESS RIOT: YE FEMALE COMEDY!

You can {and really must} check them out HERE and make sure to get to one of their monthly shows. They are on the rise in LA and big names are trying to get their hands on them, so make sure you go see their show for a huge laugh.

Music for “We Are Duchess Riot” by Kerry Muzzey “Best Day of My Life” (www.themusicbed.com)
Music for Duchess Riot Sizzle by Mayfield “Heart Attack”


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