Jonah and Ana {Wedding}

Being a native Los Angelino, I’ve learned to take certain things for granted over the years. Number one, the desert, the mountains, and the beach are fairly short drives from Los Angeles. There’s virtually nowhere else in the country where this is true. Number two, being a vegetarian is somewhat common here, so there are soooo many food and restaurant options compared to other states. Lastly, I sometimes forget that Los Angeles is considered by some, to be a “destination.” Now, when I think of “destinations” I think white sands, blue green oceans, and frosty beverages. But to some, Los Angeles/Orange County is also a destination. With the hustle and bustle of LA, the OC is just a short drive away to rest and relaxation.

Jonah and Ana are native New Yorkers, and decided to have their wedding in beautiful Orange County. Many friends flew out with them to their destination wedding, and I had the pleasure and honor of capturing this amazing milestone in their lives at the Montage in Laguna Beach with good friend and lead photographer, John Park. Here’s Jonah and Ana :)

Ana surprised Jonah with special gift!

Thought I’d make a cameo in this one 😉

This kid stole the show!

A beautiful moment between 2 beautiful people.

Congratulations Jonah and Ana! We wish you the very very best!

Rich & Christine


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