One Year Anniversary Surprise {Matt and Frankie}

WOW! A One Year Anniversary spent at the Resort and Spa where one year ago Matt and Frankie were married. Frankie had no idea that Matt had emailed us weeks and weeks in advance, asking if we would be down for a surprise shoot… umm.. YES!!!! His idea to tell Frankie that their One Year Anniversary would be spent relaxing at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, and that was all they would be doing, was genius! That is Anniversary enough! But he secretly planned a surprise photo shoot for he and Frankie that she knew nothing about. It was also a great idea because for better or for worse it had rained on their wedding day last year, bringing the beach-side ceremony inside. Now, with this amazing surprise Matt dreamed up, they could have their photos outside overlooking the amazing Santa Barbara ocean.
The photos are too amazing with Frankie’s reactions to interupt, so I will tell you how the afternoon went first, and then you can just go along for the ride. Matt told Frankie that they were going to Miro, the gorgeous ocean-front restaurant at Bacara to share a drink with some of the Bacara staff who wanted to congratulate them {lie!}. Really, we were hiding in the restaurant, waiting paitently for the pair to walk in the doors, where we would capture Frankie’s surprise as she saw us standing there photographing. It took her a few seconds for her brain to put the pieces together, but when it all clicked, it was awesome and her face was amazing! Then after some nice shots on the grounds, Matt had yet another surprise for Frankie- the final wedding band to go with her set that she had always wanted! THIS time, her reaction was even better and her jaw was about one inch away from the floor. This was such a wonderful experience for us, and we love Matt and Frankie so much that capturing it also felt like we were sharing it with them… I guess that’s the perk of being a Photographer- you get to live in the moments you are capturing =)

If this is what a One Year Anniversary is like, we can not WAIT for ours!! {But we have to get to the wedding first 😉 } Enjoy Matt and Frankie’s One Year Anniversary Surprise Photo Shoot!

With love,

Rich and Chris


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