Tuesday Tip for a Successful Wedding {Exchange}

Well, hey there! This is the first installment of our new Bloggity that will happen on Tuesday’s and is aimed at sharing our experience in Weddings and with many Brides and Grooms. We hope that you couples that are planning your wedding can benefit from at least a tiny little tid bit of the information we will be sharing each Tuesday. And remember, take whatever we say with a grain of sugar {I can’t stand salt, sugar is better to take things with}, because what works for one person, is not always going to work for everyone, but it might give you some ideas! Here we go!

The First Tip for a Successful Wedding is…

Think about exchanging gifts or a card with your fiance on the morning of your wedding during Getting Ready time. This is a great way to send your love to your fiance before your unveiling to one another and it really heightens the excitement. It is also UH-MAZING for your photos and videos, because it allows your Photographer and Cinematographer the chance to capture a very sweet and intimate moment of your day, that is actually intimate! The ceremony is in front of all of your guests, and many couples opt out of personal vows at the ceremony because of stage fright. There are often certain ceremony restrictions that do not allow your Photo/Cinema team the ability to get the best shot. So exchanging gifts with great personal meaning or even just a hand written note while each of you are getting ready in your private rooms is a perfect moment to add to your day.

Our couple from this Saturday’s Wedding, Lindsey and Vince, had both written cards for one another without even planning on it! They were both surprised when they received their card and were so excited to open it. The photos of Lindsey reading and reacting to Vince’s words are some of the best of the entire day, and a perfect compliment to their traditional Catholic Ceremony.

So there you guys have it. Something to think about when it comes time for your Wedding Day!

If you have any experience with this, please leave comments for everyone to share and help one another out with ideas and experience! Thanks =)

With love,
Rich and Christine


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