Already So Loved {Maternity with Sue and Fabian}

Baby Mikaela is already so loved. I know because I can not wait for her to get here! Sue and Fabian got married last year in Cabo and now they are expecting their first little munchkin this July! As a couple, Sue and Fabian have the best-friend-I-can-say-and-do-anything-around-you-and-you-will-always-adore-me kind of love. Its wonderful to be around and I can only imagine how much love and attention little baby Mikaela will receive when she arrives. Family is the most important thing in life, and Sue and Fabian are a treasured part of ours, and soon, the little munchkin will be too. Congratulations to Sue and Fabian! We love you and we already have so much love for Mikaela =)

You can also see Sue and Fabian’s super sweet OC Engagement Photos here: http://fabian-and-sue-engagement/

With love,

Ricky and Chris


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