Samantha Jane Artistry {Guest Blog}

Every so often we like to feature cool and interesting things that our friends are doing. This week, we have our beloved friend and colleague, Samantha McCue from Samantha Jane Artistry who gives us some pointers with how to come up with a cohesive look.

“With the summer months coming up I’ve been working with tons of Brides nailing down the perfect looks for their So Cal summer weddings.  Whenever I work with a Bride on her hair and make-up I suggest that we research looks of models that have similar hair and skin tone to theirs.  This way we can ensure that the look is going to work and blend with what they naturally have.  This was no different when I worked with my gorgeous Bride Frankie for her June wedding last year.”

“When I first met Frankie her gorgeous golden hair and the gold undertones in her skin just screamed out to be flaunted.  The fact that she had chosen an ivory dress and that her maids and wedding’s flowers were yellow just cemented the fact that this was the route we were going to take.  Frankie was such a fun Bride to work with because she was totally into the make-up and was not afraid to wear it either.  She needed no convincing in following the few rules that I suggest all Brides practice on their wedding day.  She made her eyes shine with a bold gold, copper, shimmery and subtle smokey eye.  This just made they blue in her eyes bluer.   She accentuated her cheek bones by adding a gorgeous peach blush, and she was not backed off on wearing more than she usually wears (which I HIGHLY recommend for photography purposes).”

“To complete the look we coated her lips with a beautiful nude lip liner, lip-stain and gloss.  By muting the lips with a light color this just made her eyes become the star of the show and the cheeks and lips took the supporting roles.”

“Overall Frankie understood that her wedding was and IS a glamorous affair.  And being the dazzling event that it is the make-up needs to reflect that.  She was totally comfortable with taking the center stage as the Bride and wearing more make-up than she had for any other event.  The reason why I stress this with a Bride is due to the fact that you are being photographed and lets face it, these are some of the most important pictures you’ll ever be taking.  If we’re being optimistic these are the pictures that your grandchildren will cherish and will look at and see how stunning you were on your wedding day.”

“My motto is that you should feel like a super model on your wedding day.  I know from personal experience from working with Brides as well as from my own wedding, that when you look fabulous on your wedding day you feel fabulous and it actually helps take some of the jitters away.  Really it does!  I truly hope that every Bride feels glamorous and looks back on their wedding pictures with pride and happiness.  This is my wish for all of you and I strive to achieve that with every Bride I work with.”


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