Marissa and Colby {A Black/Brown Wedding in Santa Barbara}

Ms. Black married Mr. Brown. How awesome is that?! It’s a Black/ Brown Wedding in Santa Barbara and it was simply perfect. As we drove up the coast from Los Angeles, the fog was literally laying on the ground. We were driving through clouds and all I could keep thinking was how awesome it would be to have a First Look through the fog. Marissa walking through the dense cloud on the ground, Colby not being able to see her at all, then finally, she takes one step forward and only a few feet away now Colby can see his future wife with a cool cloud surrounding her, almost carrying her to him. …but that was a just a little day dream, because only a couple hours after being in Santa Barbara, the fog lifted and what was revealed was bright blue skies, hot bright yellow sun, and and a First Look that was bright, vivid, and to die-for.

Marissa could barely keep in her excitement getting ready with all of her closest girlfriends and mom, and Colby and his guys spent the entire morning trying to perfect the most complicated neck tie knot that ever existed. Both of them seemed to be floating through the morning, and without the help of their close friends and family members, I bet they would have stopped getting ready, and just ran over to one of their rooms, saying “To heck with all this hooplah! I just want to marry you right here right now in my robe!”

The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, “the happiest place in the world” for the two of them. It was where they met, and now, where they got married.

The Wedding was filled with vendors of Marissa’s dreams. All she could talk about leading up to the wedding was how much she was in love with each and every one. The flowers were not only full of fresh new creative design, but the owner Fayaz was hilarious and as my grandmother used to say, “A hot-ticket”. The photographers were both such sweet women, who like us, worked in a calm easy manner, and their photo’s really capture the essence of Marissa. The Coordinators from High Society were like the men in black only three gorgeous blondes, making sure not only Marissa was taken care of, but that all of us vendors were taken care of as well {which is the mark of a truly amazing Coordinator- at least we think so! 😉 } It truly was the day of Marissa’s dreams, and more-so because it was the day she married her best friend, her travel partner, and soul mate, Mr. Colby Brown.

Flowers and Table Design: Bloom Box

Coordinating: High Society Wedding and Event Planning

Venues: Hotel Oceana, Sunken Gardens at Sb Courthouse, & El Paseo Restaurant, Santa Barbara

Photography: Brynn Alyson Photography

Hair: Jana Cowart

Makeup: Kim Weed (Maid of Honor)

Cake: Enjoy Cupcakes

DJ: Fly By Night DJ’s

Dress: Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique in Roswell, GA; Jim Hjelm

Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal

Watch the Teaser Trailer to their Wedding here:

You can see Marissa and Colby’s hilariously sweet This Is Us Film here: http://colby-and-marissa-this-is-us/

Congratulations to the coolest couple we know! Marissa and Colby Brown!

With love,

Rich and Christine


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