Graziella and Francesco {Downtown Los Angeles Engagement}

Ciao!! This Engagement session brought us SO. MUCH. FUN! First of all, we got to shoot downtown, which is a rare event, and such a welcomed retreat from the usual =) Secondly, Francesco does not speak much English, as he is from a small town in the South of Italy, and those two things put together gave all four of us the most fun afternoon! To top it all off, Los Angeles is having absolutely amazing weather lately.

Graziella and Francesco let us know they were a little nervous about having their photos taken. They weren’t sure about what to do, or how to pose, but like with many couples, we let them know that they had nothing to worry about 😉 Little did we know THEY HAD NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Graziella and Francesco spent the entire afternoon laughing like they were at the Comedy Store. Well, Francesco is pretty much a comedien, and even though we couldn’t understand everything he was saying, it was still awesome and made us laugh all day. Graziella says he is a little chatter box =) We welcome it!! Their sweet personalities definitely show through in their photos… they were talking and laughing the entire time! Graziella was even graced with some luck from the skies! {Bird poo} On her gorgeous white dress. From the spot we said our hello’s to the first photo spot only 100 ft away, she was lucky enough to get marked with some Bird Luck. Francesco was so sweet and was insisting to Graziella that it was good luck for their engagement! I think he is right, their photos are to die for. Enjoy =)

Giggles all day long! Francesco is so good at making Graziella laugh =)

The owner of a chic restaurant downtown across from the Central Library is owned by a friend of theirs that mentored them in opening their own Italian Restaurant. So we were welcomed into the amazing venue with open arms, drinks, and use of their gorgeous space- how amazingly sweet!

In the Italian Culture, it is tradition to have a toast when an Engagement happens. So… SALUTE!

Because Graziella and Francesco are getting married in a little town in Sicily of just 3,000 people, they decided it would be perfect to have their Engagement Session downtown =) We LOVE the idea!

Probably one of the two times we got Francesco’s serious face 😉

Congratulations Graziella and Francesco! Our day together was absolutely PERFECTO!

With love,

Rich and Christine


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