Nicole and David {San Gabriel Mission and Point Dume Engagement}

Sometimes you meet people in life and everything just seems so simple and easy. Nicole and David were that for us. Simply wonderful couple, who love to have fun together. They are so totally fabulous and command attention everywhere they go. They are super sweet as well! It’s like they have it all! Fun, sweet, gorgeous, and going places. They brought us to San Gabriel Mission District to start our shoot together and we seriously are so thankful! It was gorgeous!! The texture of the buildings was to die for, and the character in every aspect of the area was just stunning. There were people from the area out enjoying the sunny day, just like us. It was as if the four of us were hanging out. We finished up our shoot in Malibu as it got windier and colder outside, but Nicole and David were huge troopers in the cold, and their photos came out amazing! I want a canvas on my wall of some of these! Congratulations to this sweet, wonderful couple =)

The ring came brightly cleaned and polished, just how we like it 😉

Nicole is such a natural beauty. And her dress!! Ah!

It felt like we were the only ones in the whole town.

We were blessed with an amazing sky.

David was keeping her warm. This was completely a natural moment that we caught! Love it!

Thank you so much, Nicole and David. We loved this Engagement Session and shooting with the two of you =)

With Love,

Rich and Chris



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