Maryanne and Dennis {Griffith Park Engagement}


Maryanne and Dennis are the perfect couple for us! Photography and Cinematography mean a lot to them as a couple, and although they had already decided on a Photographer when they found us, they knew they  had to have us for the Cinematography of their day. It is truly a gift when people value what you do and love the work you create. We have been so lucky already in 2012 in couples finding us {although it feels as though we find each other} and we all just know it is meant to be. Weddings really put love in the air! Maryanne and Dennis are a super cool and fun couple with the cutest little puggle, Montey! Thank you so much Maryanne and Dennis for being exactly who you are, and we can not WAIT for your wedding this year!!

Maryanne showed us a new part of Griffith’s Park, and it held so many gorgeous views and trails =) Since Dennis works in the Navy and is away from California a lot, Maryanne likes to go hiking up here in the mornings to start her days {full of planning the wedding!!}

What a cheeser!!! Dennis so much fun to be around.

Awww! Teeeheeee

Monty, the little ball of puggle love.

What a perfect color on Maryanne! And I absolutely love when hair blows in the wind, it gives such a natural feel =)

Congratulations Maryanne and Dennis! Can’t wait to create the most memorable and beautiful film of your Wedding Day!

With love,

Rich and Chris



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