Richard and Monica {Newport Beach Wedding}

Yesterday we got a phone call from Monica. It was the sweetest phone call we have ever received the day after a Wedding. Monica said that as she was commenting on one of her Sneak Peak photos on Facebook, and thought, “I need to just call them.” She did, and she told us all the things that we as her Wedding Photographers hope and pray that we make our Brides feel. Monica overwhelmed us with happiness and emotion. We are so thankful that we all found each other, and that we were able to be your Photographers, because it was an AMAZING day…


We arrived at the hotel where Richard and Monica were getting ready a bit early to check it out and find our favorite spots for the First Look and portraits, and who do we see strolling around with a nice cup of coffee… RICHARD! He and Monica’s father were just hanging out enjoying the morning. I instantly thought to myself, “Now, THAT is how you enjoy your Wedding Day.” We arrived to Monica’s room and it was filled with cousins, aunts, a sister, spike the guard doggie, and artists doing their ‘thang’. It was just how Monica said it would be, filled with fun and loud Colombian excitement! On all accounts, this was the perfect start to the perfect day. The sky was stormy and filled with dramatic clouds- which really got us excited because we knew that despite some rain drops, that sky was going to make for some unforgettable pieces of art that Richard and Monica’s family will enjoy and remember their rainy yacht wedding day for generations to come. Each detail aboard the Yacht Destiny was carefully created and placed on board. The Captain was there seeing that everything was done to Monica and Richard’s liking, and everyone was just so sweet and supportive of the couple. There was not a single moment of the day that went unplanned or with a glitch. It was as if the storm came and went on cue, and Richard was so excited to get as many photos as possible =) A guy after our own hearts. The thing about Richard and Monica is that they value their families and their own relationship more than anything else. They did not stress over each and every flower bud, or the rain drops coming inside the doorway of the yacht, all they cared about was having us help them remember their perfect day through photos of them and their family. To us- that is perfect.

We can not say enough about Monica and Richard, as individuals, or as a couple. We love them. Together, they share a passion for life, a passion for family, and a passion for one another. You truly created the most amazing and perfect Wedding Day together, one that we will never forget and will always remember with smiles and full, gushing hearts. Congratulations to the wonderful and driven Richard and Monica!


You can also see their Engagement Session here: http://richard-and-monica-engagement/

SPIKE! You little munchkin, you!

Jose is shining Richard’s stylin’ shoes. What a great Best Man!

Family is so important to both Monica and Richard, so it was really a sweet moment when Monica’s father helped Richard get ready.

Monica’s sister is one-of-a-kind. She cared for and looked after every aspect of Monica’s Wedding, even put on her jewelry for her.

Monica doesn’t get emotional, just in short little bursts, then “puts on her game face” again.

Marcela is the sweetest cousin ever, and she truly looks up to Monica {she spoke about it in her beautiful Toast}.

So cute! They were getting ready in rooms next door to each other!! Monica’s room was a complete disaster, as it should be, while Richards looked like no one had even touched a thing. Ha!

Richard was so anxious! “Is she ready yet?” Awwww!

Monica and her mother.

Just because it was raining does not mean we can not have a gorgeous location for their First Look. The stairwell and balcony turned out to be better than any outdoor location! Monica had a dramatic entrance down the winding stairwell.

All aboard!!

Look at these three! All day long like this!!!

Poor Marcela, she was misty-eyed the entire Ceremony. She cares about Monica so so much.

Congratulations to Richard and Monica and thank you so so much for having us along for the ride! Your family is so sweet and welcoming and we enjoyed every second with each and every one of you!! Until next time our Colombian and Cuban families!

With Love, Rich and Chris

Venue: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach and Electra Cruises Aboard the Yacht Destiny Newport Beach

Flowers and Invitations: Mayra at Celebrate

DJ: DJ MisterE

Makeup: Ana Ortiz

Hair: Jessika Basset

Dress: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids Dresses: H&M


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