Wedding Ring Tattoos {We’re Gettin’ Hitched!}

WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! Yeay! One of the things Rich and I had talked about for a while was getting Wedding Ring tattoos. The idea came about when Rich was trying to imagine what type of ring he wanted, and if he could even handle wearing a ring all the time. Then we thought about all the times we would not be able to wear our rings- like when we are shooting, which is all the time!! Rich brought up the idea to me one day, and I have to admit, at first I was shocked  {in my mind “didn’t want to wear my wedding ring”- but of course he didn’t say it like that}. Then he really touched me by saying that he wanted a wedding ring that would never come off, and it could be personalized to me, too!! WOW! Once he put it that way, I was all over the idea and starting planning what I wanted mine to look like. Once we started to plan our wedding, which is over a year away!, we wanted to do something to celebrate sooner. So we went on our little journey to get our Wedding Ring Tattoos  by our friend’s Tattoo Artist, Palehorse Tattoo. Neither Rich or I have any tattoos, and I have to admit I felt pretty uncool going to meet with an accomplished Tattoo Artist asking for tiny little tattoos. I didn’t know anything! All I knew was that I wanted a piece of art that was important to me and my fiance on my finger! Eric was so sweet when we met with him, and informed me about things I didn’t know before, so that my tattoo I envisioned, could be a reality. He took what I wanted, and what Rich wanted, and created such a beautiful piece of art for us. They may not be giant crazy tattoos, but they mean everything to us, and having them on us forever is something no regular band could do. Rich’s name will be with me no matter where I go, and it can never be lost or stolen- it’s mine! Our friend who referred us to Eric {Tattoo Artist Extraprdinare}, also happens to be a great music photographer in SoCal. Being photographers our selves, documenting this event in our lives was VERY important. Its like a mini-wedding {at least to me, I don’t know what Rich thinks about that haha}. So, naturally we had the wonderful Sam Westre come in, hang out, and document this important time in our lives. Thank you so so much to Sam, and to Eric. You both contributed to a milestone in our lives- one we will never {CAN never} forget!!! Love you both!!!


Eric is drawing up our tattoos!! Eeeeeeeee!

Eric showed me the stensil on my finger, to make sure I liked how it looked on my finger. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

It doesn’t hurt!! It doesn’t … ouuuuchh!!! LOL It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just on the sides of my finger is where it felt like the skin was being ripped off of my bone like I was being skinned alive! haha But Rich held my hand through the entire thing!

Rich’s turn to check out his stencil =) He’s all smiles now….

Awwww, look at Rich’s face! His was more painful that mine, I think, because he had some shading. Ahh!

Rich likes it!! Love that smile.

We did it baby! Whoooo! We got tattoos… together!! This is SO cool =) …yes, Eric, we are dorks! Thank you so much!

AND, we made a new friend out of it! Your Tattoo Artist is kind of like your Wedding Photographer, you feel so close to them after its all said and done- even if it was just a tiny little tatto 😉

Now go check out our amazing friends Samuel Westre Photography and Palehorse Tattoo!!! Eric travels a lot too, so don’t worry if you’re not in SoCal, he just might be coming to your town =) And you just might see Sam at the next big show you’re at 😉 Thanks, guys!

So tell us what you think about our new Wedding Ring Tattoos! Could you see yourself ever getting them? We would LOVE to hear what you have to say =)


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