Sascha and Mae {Griffith’s Observatory Engagement}

What a gorgeous day we had a Griffith’s Observatory. Normally when we shoot at Griffith’s, for whatever reason, we unknowingly choose a day where some big huge extravaganza is taking place, the entire hillside is packed, and we end up parking miles down the winding hillside road and walking upward to the Observatory. Today, though, we were lucky! Sascha and Mae brought the good energy…and their doggie, Akaisha!! How thrilled were we when we saw this amazing, big german shepherd =) We knew instantly it was going to be a fun, relaxing day full of emotion and beautiful photos. Sascha and Mae are super cool individually, and as a couple. They totally rocked it. Sascha wins the Male-Model of the Year Award {he didn’t even need any coaching from us! and look how smashing he is in these photos!}, Mae wins the Toughest Gorgeous Gal of the Year Award {her finger was almost chopped off at Christmas when their 9ft tree crushed her finger in the stand! OUCH!! And what did she do? She chilled for the night, with a almost half chopped off finger! WOW, if she can handle pain like that, maybe we can too…maybe….}, and the Happiest Doggie of the Year award goes to AKAISHA! She was so calm and well behaved, and was up for being in every shot with mom and dad. We think she has modeled before 😉 Now, you have got to see what we are talking about! Enjoy this amazing family!

Hair & Makeup: Samantha Jane Artistry

I could just eat this next photo up. The light is so amazing, and the way Sascha is looking and smiling at Mae is so full of sweetness. {Mae may have pointed out that it is quite obvious which blog posts Christine writes and which ones Rich writes. This is SO a Rich blog} 😉

You can’t beat this view from Griffiths. And the slight fogginess added so much texture. Yummmm.

And when the Big Foot-Sized tree landed on Mae’s finger, the ring was perfectly untouched =) Thank goodness, because you don’t see one like that everyday 😉 Love it! Love you guys! Congratulations to Sascha and Mae!! …and Akaisha 😉


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