Ivan and Jennifer {Los Angeles River Center Engagement}

Ivan and Jennifer really touched us. As a couple who photographs and films other couples, you can’t help but notice little similarities between your own relationship and the ones you are capturing. As we spent the afternoon with Jennifer and Ivan, we could see pretty quickly one big similarity. They are BEST FRIENDS. Seriously, they laugh at the dumbest things together. They say things to one another in a way that only they can understand. And they put such care and respect into every look, touch, and gesture toward one another. Its obvious they really get one another and totally respect and honor the way each of them is, in their true self. We could not have been happier than to spend time with this pair. Our shoot was at the LA River Center, a gorgeous spot for a shoot, a wedding, or just a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy a peak into the love of Ivan and Jennifer…

Hair & Makeup: Samantha Jane Artistry
Music: “That Place” by Troy Kline

Jennifer and Ivan never stop laughing. Which is really good considering we laugh an absurd amount every day.

This is Ivan and Jennifer reenacting the first time they saw one another. Ivan spots her across a room…

Ivan: “You brought wine?!”

Jennifer: “Well, yea! And I figured if we were gonna be drinking it, I might as well bring the good wine.”

Love it.

At Castaway Restaurant one night, Ivan told Jennifer, “you will not be leaving here my girlfriend.” In true Jennifer form, she panicked {face went white like a ghost} thinking he was breaking up with her!! …He was just getting ready to PROPOSE!

Every month, Ivan gives Jennifer roses. Every year, Lillies.

Our ‘signature’ hazy sun shot. Its our favorite because the dreamy ethereal feel you get when you look at it. Not that we invented it, its just that we get it with every couple. One of our all time faves.

These two are model-status, RIGHT!? Its unbelievable.

Now Save That Date!!


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