Nixen and Katrinna {Santa Monica Pier Engagement}

Honestly, the fact that I am posting my “work” right now, my job, what I do for a living- simply said, it leaves me speechless. How lucky can I be that these photographs you are about to see of this wonderful couple, Katrinna and Nixen, are what I create for a living. Wow. Just wow. I feel it is so important sometimes to just stop, look at the big picture, and see how amazing what we have is. I know I need to do it more, rather than plowing through the days and weeks, heading toward something so specific that I forget to see how fortunate I am and how far I have come in my work and in my life, in such a short time. This particular shoot made me realize this, because not two weekends before this, we had done a shoot in the exact same location- The Santa Monica Pier. The result was something completely different- which really speaks to the power of what we do. It is an honor to get to be a part of these couples lives that we meet and work with. You inspire us, fulfill us, and always take us to the next step in our lives. Thank you! And a big giant Congratulations to Katrinna and Nixen! We CAN NOT wait for your special {and awesomely inspired} wedding that is coming up this year!!

You guys are getting married!!

Katrinna’s golden Prada shoes were absolutely stunning. I swear the sun was begging to bounce off of them.

They look like best friends, don’t they? Since they were wee little kids, too! Crazy how things work out.

Can we talk about this girl’s fashion sense?! You got it going on Katrinna!

Don’t worry, Nixen. We haven’t forgotten how good you look in this hat!

Goodnight Santa Monica Pier. You gave us a magnificent afternoon.

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