Richard and Monica {Santa Monica Pie rEngagement}

“I’m not laughing at you…” which only leaves one to be laughing with you. Thats what we did with our wonderful couple, Richard and Monica all evening on the Santa Monica Pier. We like to get really comfortable with our couples- free for everyone to feel like themselves, laugh like they really mean it, and enjoy every second. Apparently, this leads Monica to be laughing at us constantly, even though so says with a smirk she is always laughing with us. Please, as long as you are laughing, keep it going! We love to see our couples be happy, and Richard and Monica lit up the Santa Monica Pier all night. They are the definition of a power couple. They have their own successful business- which just happens to currently be working right next to our home!- and they LOVE Coffee Bean, well, Monica loves Coffee Bean, but I guess if she does that means RIchard does too 😉 They have a mutual friend to thank for their meeting, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Richard and Monica were like movie stars on the Pier last weekend. People would walk by just staring at them (i think in awe), then at the last second see us with a camera pointed at the brilliant couple and they would stumble wondering if we were with Richard and Monica, or just creeping on them. Naturally, we were creeping- but in the most artistic way 😉 Thank you so much, Richard and Monica! You are wonderful individuals and only better one another as a pair. We wish you all the love and happiness this life could offer!

Taking over the boardwalk!!

Get ready for some Salsa at the Wedding!

There is really no photography trick or skill that can make a couple do this…

We love to get a gorgeous silhouette like this one above, then bounce some of the sunlight back on our couple so we can see their beautiful faces like the ones below.

Whoop! Not looking!

VINTAGE shoes!!

This sky is exactly the way it looked that evening! We exposed for the sky and then used off camera flash to light Richard and Monica, giving them a gorgeous glow.

Do they do dips in Salsa? Because this is gorgeous =)



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