Donavan and Anisa {Santa Barbara Engagement}

If you have the opportunity, like we did, to run into Donovan and Anisa, you will walk away changed in the way you look at and think of love. We have yet to meet a couple so silly and strongly in love. Silly because they do not stop pinching and poking and giggling with one another. Strong because they have been together for so long and have been through so much of their lives together, that they know their love will weather any storm- because its been through it all. They seem to have no cares in the world, only to enjoy life together as a pair. Donovan is surely a jokester with a tough(ish) exterior, but as soon as you talk to him for even a minute you get to see his fun-loving personable true-self. Anisa is his perfect other half. She takes his jokes and pokes right back at him- or just can’t stop laughing! We were truly lucky to get to spend the day with this couple and experience what true long lasting love is like for this couple. Thank you to the city of Santa Barbara for hosting our fabulous shoot, and thank you to Donovan and Anisa for loving each other the way you do.


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