Emory and Kimberly {Japanese Garden Engagement}

We headed out to my Alma Mater, Cal State Long Beach, for fun session with Emory and Kimberly at the Japanese Gardens. Being back on campus brought back memories of the long nights in the dorms, dining hall food, and awesome friends. Kimberly and Emory topped it all off with their beautiful selves.

There’s just something about winter light that makes things feel more romantic and having clients give you their utmost trust…you just couldn’t ask for more. There were a few times when Christine and I would place them in a spot, walk away, and just watch and get caught up in the innocent interaction between them. And then we remembered, “Oh yeah! We need to shoot!”

We wish Emory and Kimberly all the best in their wedding journey!

Music by The Starting Line – “Stay Where I Can See You”


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