John and Angela {Engagement}

John and Angela are a very unique couple. They were a joy to spend a day on the beach with, and had tons of fun jumping into the ocean and playing around in the sand. John got his shorts pretty darn wet, but Angela had lots of dresses to change into 😉 Smart girl. She is even wearing a piece that she was wearing on vacation in Maui when John proposed to her; a very important piece of clothing that we just had to get into their Engagement Shoot. It is sweet to remember details like that, like what you were wearing when your future husband proposed to you.

They showed us a sweetness we had not really seen before, a quiet yet powerful passion they held for one another; It was really a beautiful sight to see, and a wonderful energy to be around. John and Angela have really found their other half, and as they travel to Maui to marry one another, we will be standing on our shore, wishing them all the luck and happiness that a couple could ever have.

Congratulations John and Angela!


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