Win for everyone!

Lots of cool things happening, not only to myself, but to so many important people in my life. Here’s the rundown in no particular order:

– Had a birthday earlier this month
– Grand Prize winner for Domino’s Show Us Your Pizza contest (winning photo above)
– My beautiful girlfriend has recently shot 2 amazingly creative webisodes and more on the way. Check out her site here:
– My good friend Dave and his band Nicky Davey had a private showcase with some big shots that we had the honor of attending (and shooting). You can check him out here: Video from that shoot coming soon.
The Juliana Theory licensed a a few photos for some local press in Pennsylvania for their final show.
– Shot a beautiful wedding this weekend. Video coming soon!
– My wonderful sister and her bf got a new car! G35!
– My buddy Paul shot a commercial in THAILAND! Watch out for him soon!

You all rock!! Videos/Photos will be hopefully posted within the next week or so. Stay tuned!


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